Herb Mignery

CAA Member since 1984
Born: November 7, 1937
Education: Wayne State Teachers College

Born to a hundred-year ranching heritage, Herb developed an early fascination with the fluid movement of horse and rider, forming the basis for his strength in sculpting motion. Early forays into singing country music with a band and cartooning in the Army eventually gave way to sculpting. Herb’s subjects are often traditional western figures, but also include the more subtle characters of the old and contemporary West: shepherds, settlers and school teachers.

mignery_catalogHis commissions number in the double digits and vary in size from the ten-inch “Pioneer Award,” presented by the Academy of Country Music, to a twenty-foot sculpture for the Hashknife Pony Express in Scottsdale, Arizona. Other monuments are located in Nebraska, Missouri, Hawaii, Colorado, New York, California, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas and South Dakota.

Herb has won numerous awards in shows across the United States, but considers acceptance by the general public the ultimate honor one could receive.

Clark Kelley Price, Christmas Pintos for the Kids
Oil, 24″ x 36″, $24000