Asked Questions

Membership Questions

At any time, Active Members may request of the other members to be granted Emeritus Status, which means they remain a member of the organization in a limited capacity. They may exhibit two pieces at the annual show, but are ineligible to win awards. They may attend most CA functions, such as the annual trail ride, but cannot serve as officers, attend business meetings or vote on issues. This status was incorporated to be a status of semi-retirement for members who may have circumstances prohibiting them from participating fully in organizational activities, as Active Members are required.

As with any membership organization, circumstances affect group relationships at times. Regardless of reasons people are no longer affiliated with the group, they will always be part of the history of Cowboy Artists of America.

Contact information is provided according to the artist and/or family preferences and authorization.

Sale and Value Questions

Artists own and maintain legal copyright to any/all digital and/or print reproduction of original work, regardless of owner, unless they legally relinquish rights. Any use of artists’ images requires written consent from the artist (the creator) or copyright owner. Use of any kind without such contracted documentation is a copyright infringement and is subject to legal action.

EBay recognizes, respects and promotes artists’ rights, and as such works to develop and enforce policies and procedures for protecting intellectual property. The program, called the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program, includes over 28,000 companies and individuals who may elect to post “VeRO: Participant About Me” pages which tells what their individual legal position is with regards to their intellectual property. Before selling on EBay, consult this information. This list is not comprehensive; if you don’t find the artist listed, contact directly the rights owner regarding their products and/or policies.

The CA website provides general information about the organization, active, emeritus and deceased members as authorized. All CA members past/present maintain their individual businesses/records independent of the organization. Artist websites, galleries and museums are resources for more information about CA members and art.

Due to changing technology and the vast body of work spanning over several decades, the organization does not have a comprehensive database of all art produced by members. Individual CA artists websites, museum archives, and publications on CA history and art can provide more images/information.

Typically homeowner insurance policies provide for “contents,” or personal possessions including furniture, clothes, books, photos, technology, collectibles, etc. If you feel the total contents in your home, including valuables (art, jewelry, antiques, etc.) exceed the amount specified in your policy, you need to add a rider for “fine arts.” Insurance companies will require an appraisal for fine art listed on a rider.

To obtain a valid appraisal, art must be seen in person by an accredited professional; photographs will not suffice. Artists cannot provide a professional appraisal, even of their own work, unless they are accredited. Galleries or museums can be helpful as well as

Connecting with the Artists

On the Contact Page, send an email giving as many details about your ranch as possible and you will contacted by a CA officer.

Reach out to us if you have any questions.

Clark Kelley Price, Christmas Pintos for the Kids
Oil, 24″ x 36″, $24000