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Cowboy Artists of America Exhibition Offers Classroom Experience for Budding Art Students

More than 300 art students were drawn to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo grounds Wednesday to see the Cowboy Artists of America 56th Annual Art Exhibition and Sale.

“We’re just looking for a spark,” Cowboy Artists of America President Bruce Greene said. “We can’t explain how to paint or sculpt today particularly, but we can just put an idea, a notion in their head that gives them a direction.”

Diamond Hill Jarvis High School junior Kiasi Gonzalez saddled up to the sculpting table of artist Dustin Payne and peppered him with questions.

“Is it frustrating at first?” Gonzalez asked. “What do you focus on mainly?”

Gonzalez, an admittedly shy student, seemed not shy at all talking about art.

“Art to me is like, a way to express yourself,” Gonzalez said. “It is my voice. A way for my voice to go out.”

“I know that there’s a valuable exchange,” said Lauri Bevan, executive director of Imagination Fort Worth, which organized the student event. “I know that these kids wouldn’t have this opportunity under ordinary circumstances.”

“You know, they may be thinking, ‘I love to do this,'” Greene said. “But whoever told them, you can do this for a living?”

The goal was to inspire students to tap into their potential and see possibilities.

“Like if you see it, you can build it,” Gonzalez said.

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by Noelle Walker 

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